You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Gavrila Nikhila’s correct views on Thoughts. Read on.

Whole. Complete. Perfect.

In a recent Osho meditation workshop I held, I had a few of the participants come up to me at the end and say, “I just can’t seem to stop my thoughts!” This has come up over and over again in classes I teach and conversations I have regarding meditation. That we believe we should be able to stop thinking. And we drive ourselves crazy when we can’t! This happened to me much of the time in the beginning stages of my meditation practice. I’d go to the teacher and say, “What is this? What’s the point of all of this?” And she’d say, “Just keep meditating and you’ll see.”

The statement “I can’t stop thinking” beautifully reveals a belief system that we as humans function with. It inherently shows to us that we think we have control over our thoughts. That we are the controller. It has us believe…

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