Excellent Spiritual Guidance by Teja Anand

Check out http://toawaken.org/wisdom/


      1. DSR -my intent was not to spook you on copyrights. Its just that the symbol was so elegant. James Traverse has got an interesting site with some major leaguers mentioned. There is so much to know and then not know. Thank you for your reply. Your kindness and honesty is refreshing. -Edward


        1. Edward,

          I had been mulling over the copyright issue for some time now, and your appreciating the symbol somehow tipped the scales.

          Yes, “There is so much to know and then not know.” Surprisingly, Advaita is a very simple but radical philosophy, so it takes a while to take on board all that it says. But, once you have understood the basic framework, that understanding itself will tell you that there is nothing much to do except Be Still so that the mental energy gets attenuated and Consciousness shines forth of itself.



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