The Holographic Universe (Scientific Model of Advaita)

The following Youtube videos do a very good job of explaining why the world is an illusion, a mere appearance, one that supports the concept of Maya in religions like Hinduism. They also talk of other things like The Double Slit Experiment, Free Will, Consciousness, etc. THINK OF IT AS THE SCIENTIFIC MODEL OF ADVAITA.

The Holographic Universe (parts 1 to 5)

(NOTE: I believe, The BBC and Warner Music Group have blocked Part Four on YouTube. So, you can watch the full episode of Part Four here –


  1. The Holographic Universe is a scientific model of Advaita. No doubt about it. The scientific concepts underlying the holographic principle of quantum gravity give a perfectly good description of the underlying nondual nature of reality in the sense that everything is really consciousness.
    For a more detailed discussion of this scientific connection, see the website:
    or read the PDF document:

    Click to access what-is-real-10.pdf


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