Jnana Yoga by Swami Sarvapriyananda

I cannot recommend this strongly enough that whoever is interested in knowing/understanding Advaita Vedanta MUST see this video coz it is eminently sufficient for that purpose (And what does Advaita Vedanta say? It says you are not the body and mind; you are consciousness. Of course, stopping at this level would get you ONLY to Sankhya philosophy, a form of duality where the split exists between Consciousness [Purusha] and Body-mind or Matter or Nature [Prakriti], as Swamiji is quick to point out. We need to advance further in our understanding to arrive at Advaita [Nonduality] by realizing that the World [Prakriti] is nothing but names-and-forms of Consciousness, mere appearances in Consciousness, and NOT different from Consciousness, much like the pot is a name-and-form of clay, is an appearance in and of clay and NOT different from clay; hence ONLY Consciousness exists – thus Nonduality or Advaita [Not Two].)

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