“Greed” for Knowledge

There seems to be such a thing as “greed” (some may prefer to call it “hunger”) for knowledge. One seeks to accumulate it just like any material possessions. This “greed” or “hunger” arises because one is too identified with the mind, and the mind being ignorant for the most part about the world and its workings it seeks to overcome its shame, uncertainty, and deficiency by seeking more and more knowledge. But, given the infinite complexity of the workings of the world, the mind can never come to a state of complete knowledge about the world. It is a futile pursuit because whatever truths that the mind discovers about the world are true only relative to its own constitution and methods of acquiring knowledge. So, are we pursuing a frustrating and losing cause?

Not so if one comes to one’s senses and realizes that whatever knowledge one gathers about the pot (world) is ultimately false because the pot (world) does not actually exist though it appears to. Only clay (Consciousness) exists, and not the names-and-forms called pot (world). What is the truth is that we ourselves are the Consciousness (Truth), and hence the question of “seeking” or “greed” and “hunger” for knowledge or Truth does not arise because we are it and have always been it.

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