Discovering True Love

I could never love myself
 Fully, or accept myself
 Fully, how could I
 Saw as I did
 Many an imperfection
 In my body-mind-soul
 That is why
 We seek so-called soulmates
 Who will love us
 In spite of ourselves
 And, that is sweet and nice
 As long as it lasts
 Sooner or later
 They, too,
 Start to see
 The imperfections
 In our body-mind-soul
 As we do in theirs
 And so we drift apart
 Only to be tempted
 Into thinking
 There is a more perfect
 Soulmate who awaits us
 This is a search
 We are ever on
 Which only ends
 When we love ourselves
 As we are
 In body-mind-soul
 With all its imperfections
 Knowing that
 Others, too,
 Are in the same
 Sorry condition
 And in thus
 Accepting our
 And the other's
 We begin to know
 For the first time
 In our lives
 That what we truly are
 Is something more
 Than just body-mind-soul
 And in so knowing
 We discover True Love.

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