Sam (D. Samarender Reddy) is seen to be doing something day after day. But, who is the one doing it? Is it the “I”-Thought (Sam’s ego) that is doing it? How can it? It cannot. Here’s why.

All action and thinking arises in response to one’s past and the current environment (shaped in turn by the World’s past) impinging on one. The sheer momentum of that drives one’s thinking and actions. The ego plays no role in that except falsely thinking it is the one running the show. Far from it.

Since my past and the world’s past is the totality of things that there are, and those have been shown to be the determining factors of any action, and since the totality is God, it is God who is the doer, the sutradar, and not “I” the Ego. So, Sam, give up the sense of doership and chill.

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