When there is a change in the shape of the pot, sure something seems to have happened in that the pot has gone from being shape no. 1 to shape no. 2. But, at the level of clay has anything happened? No, nothing. Zilch.

Similarly, in this world a lot of change and action seems to be happening, but that is only at the level of appearance, that is, in how the world presents itself to the five senses, just like how the shape of the pot presents itself to the eye. But, just as at the level of clay nothing has happened, similarly, at the level of Consciousness nothing has happened – only appearances as they present themselves to our five senses and mind have changed.

Hence, when you consider change from the level of the five sense where a lot of change and activity is happening, Consciousness with the power of Maya (aka God) is said to be the “cause” of all those actions and happenings and changes. But, thus, God is not only the efficient cause (nimitta karana) but also the material cause (upadana karana) because there is no substance other than Consciousness based on which those appearances subsist, just like a pot subsists on clay.

But, from the standpoint of clay or Consciousness, since there is no change at that level, we can say that Consciousness (or Brahman or Self) does not do anything because no “real” change has happened.

All change is mere play of names-and-forms – mere appearances transforming into one another, just like shadows changing shapes.

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