Authentic Living

The more I study people who are single at heart, the more I think that at the core of their lives is authenticity. By living single, they are living the life that is best for them, and that is most true to who they really are.

I don’t think that the single-at-heart life can be lived mindlessly. Loving your single life, not just for the moment but for good, is a hard concept for many to fathom. Other people don’t believe you when you say you want to be single—they insist that it is just a phase, or you just haven’t met the right person. That’s annoying, maybe even insulting, but it may motivate you to pay more attention to how you are really feeling than, say, people who get married and have children and are never told that it’s just a phase.


      1. I just published my very own book titled Teenage Chronicles, which centers around my emotions, reflections, and life learnings through teenagerhood. I would love it if you could buy a copy for the support since it’s also available on Amazon India 🇮🇳

        Would you like me to send you the link via email?


        1. Bought your book. I will get it by Thursday. Unable to paste the screenshot of my order.

          Order summary
          Order #408-2316202-1646768
          Placed on Friday, July 23, 2021
          Item Subtotal: Rs.250.00
          Shipping & Handling: Rs.60.00
          Order Total: Rs.310.00


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