Feminism for Women by Julie Bindel

Bindel, who believes, not without reason, that misogyny is on the rise and that women are in growing danger of losing hard-won rights, has written a Ronseal book, one that functions as a kind of primer for all matters pertaining to the current state of feminism. … Bindel’s starting point is that since the 1990s, liberation feminism has been displaced almost entirely by equality feminism: a form of activism, careful and corporatised, that seeks to play nicely with the establishment, is interested mostly in sameness, and which measures its success by listening to the sound of the glass ceiling (periodically) smashing. What use, she asks, is so-called empowerment in a Britain where only one in 65 of reported rapes ends in a conviction? Where “choice” is more likely to involve submitting to being choked during sex than anything to do with abortion? Where men are increasingly using laws intended to protect equality to bolster their own advantage? No society, she asserts, would permit what is still happening to women if, at some level, it didn’t have contempt for them.


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