My Dear, No Such Thing as Karma

This world of names and forms is mere imagination, so don’t take for real all the concepts they drill into you, such as karma, etc. Any number of changes may seem to be taking place at the level of names and forms. But, nothing at the level of its substance, viz., Consciousness. Any number of pots may be made, transformed or broken, but its substance Clay remains as ever unchanged. When nothing is happening at the level of substance, how can we speak meaningfully of karma? After all, karma means some action, and every action is meant to bring about the change of state in existing thing(s) or situations. Sure, karma seems to bring about changes at the level of body-mind, that is, name-and-form (nama-rupa) but since Consciousness is left unaffected, we cannot say any action has taken place at the level of substance or reality in the absence of any change. So, chuck karma out of the window, relax and let things keep happening at the level of body-mind as a matter of course but recognize that all that is an imagined reality which is not happening because body-mind themselves are not absolutely real but only mithya, just like a pot – apparent to the senses, but no reality beyond that.

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