Staying Put at Home

I wonder how it will be
If I merely stay put at home
Forgetting Uber and plane rides
Save for the occasional visit
To buy groceries at Ratnadeep
Or visit a relative who has died
After all, the world's a dream
And all relationships in it
Just mental imaginations
And, those family and friends
Who do not believe in this
Could of course drop in
At my home, to see me
If that is what they wish
Though I cannot imagine
What they would get
By conversing with a body
That is not even me
And as conversations go
They could suddenly turn
Quite unfriendly
So, is this all worth it
This keeping in touch
With each other
Via WhatsApp and Facebook
Or in person
With our
In-your-face bodies
At last, it strikes me
We are all in the end
Far too emotional creatures.

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