We Are Not Individuals. We Are Protoypes. Nothing Unique About Us.

Recently I sat in on an online debate among medicos where one of my classmates from medical college was one of the judges. Listening to these young, fresh, and innocent medicos it brought back memories of my medical college days. It made me recall how some of us were into quizzing and debating. Reflecting thus, I realized that the aptitudes, interests, talents, and abilities, were very varied among our classmates. Some were good at academics, some at debate, some at writing, some at music, some at dancing, etc. It struck me that this sprinkling of variety exists among all such batches of students cutting across colleges, professions, regions, and countries. Which leads me to think that perhaps as groups we are all prototypes cast from the same moulds again and again across generations through time and space. Of course, one could give many reasons for that, such as genes, God’s design, and what have you. But, the fact remains that these prototypes may vary across groups, howsoever conceived and classified, across time and space in degree but I doubt if they differ in kind.

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