My Svadharma As I See It

I will work for as long as I can – God-willing.

Most of my leisure from the works I take up I want to spend in Spiritual Sadhanas.

Day Before Yesterday I attended a Musical Concert near Shilparamam, and yesterday I attended a relatives’ function near Shadnagar. Attending both these events has taught me that I need to curtail my socialization. Don’t get me wrong – the music was good and the relatives were sweet and affectionate, but somehow I have realized that I can no longer give my heart to such things in my life.

I cannot take life as seriously as most people I encounter seem to do, and so I cannot partake of their joys and sorrows, and I do not seek any happiness from such events and encounters. I feel sufficient unto myself. In solitude I shall revel in the silent stillness of my mind and heart.

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