Be More Present in the Moment

Much of our lives are characterised by doing things and striving for something more, something better, and something different. As humans we want to feel happy, satisfied, safe, and accepted. We seek and do things that make our lives better and comfortable and move away from what makes it worse. We work hard, exercise, earn money, and get recognition and praise. We are reinforced for “doing” because society and organisations like people who get things done effectively and efficiently. Many of us are well-practiced and have become proficient “do-ers.”

The problem with too much “doing”

We can get caught up in “doing” to the point that we are no longer “being” and living. We can end up searching for a better version of ourselves, our careers, our relationships, our possessions, and our lives. We live waiting for a point in the future when it will be better because we get hooked to the idea that what we have and who we are now is not good enough. This can make it hard to “be;” to accept ourselves as we are and to live our life as it is.

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