Who am I fundamentally? And, What do I want from this crazy thing called life?

A former Nike marketing executive turned mind-set coach is guiding the biggest stars at the Australian Open through the crucible of competition and fame.

Eventually, Crowe realized it was far more important to athletes for them to truly understand who they were, their back stories and why they did what they did, rather than tying a drummed-up version of their narrative to a global corporation hoping to sell more sneakers and T-shirts.

“You need to separate the person from the persona, separate the self-worth from the business card,” he said. “I try to get them to answer the questions: Who am I fundamentally? And, What do I want from this crazy thing called life?”

Away from tournaments and matches, he talks with clients weekly for about an hour during occasionally humorous sessions that focus on finding a balance between achievement and fulfillment. There is a simplicity in Crowe’s bedrock principles:

  • Focusing on the future or the past is wasted energy because we can’t control either one.
  • No point in a tennis match is worth more than any other, so why bother treating them any differently.
  • If you have to do something or achieve something to be someone, you will never be content.
  • We don’t know ourselves enough, and the bits we do know we don’t love enough.

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