Experiencing Happiness at all Times

by Jagjot Singh

Q. If my real nature is eternal happiness or bliss (sat chit ananda), why don’t I experience it all the time? I’ve gone through some hard times during this year, and I’m unable to experience lasting happiness. To me, it seems all this talk of oneness is the mind’s cover-up to avoid feeling discomfort. Can you elaborate on it?

A. The word ananda implies impersonal bliss or happiness. It doesn’t depend on an object to arise. In fact, it does not arise. It is always there as the stillness or presence. It is not an experience or state, but the stateless “being.”

Dualistic happiness is conditional and is always accompanied by unhappiness. Every pleasure has an accompanying pain. Without pain, you cannot make sense of pleasure. You feel happy when the overthinking mind becomes calm.


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