J. Krishnamurti on the Self or the “Me” (the Ego)

Because thought has divided the world into nationalities, geographic divisions, class divisions, religious divisions, ideological differences – communists, socialists, ultra-left and ultra-right, and so on and so on. Thought has done this. And also we live a fragmentary life. Our life is broken up – businessman, religious man, a monk, a lawyer and so on and so on, specialised entities. And that too is the result of thought which is in itself limited and fragmentary. Now we are going to find out if it is possible not to live a life which is fragmentary, but which has no regrets, no grief, anxiety, sorrow.

So we have to investigate together into the question of what is the self, the ‘me’, the ego, the entity that identifies itself as being separate from another? If you will we are going to go into that to find out whether one can lead a daily life which is not based on you and me – me first and you second. Our whole culture is that, social, moral, ethical, religious and so on. Right? Can we go on with it? What is the self, the ‘me’, the ego, how does it arise, what is its inmost nature, of the self? Inmost, the very depth of it. Is that very structure, the nature of the self, fragmentary? Or is there in the very structure, in the very essence of it, a quality which is not fragmentary? You are following all this? I ask because – please sirs – I ask because I am not sure we are meeting each other. Please, sir, I am not sure we are communicating with each other. I rather doubt that we are, because it is a very serious thing that we are investigating. Because man has always lived with sorrow, and acquainted with grief. Whether it is possible to end that sorrow, not in some distance future but in our daily actual life now.

Complete talk here https://jkrishnamurti.org/content/innermost-nature-self-not-thing

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